Governence/General Summary 

The World Federation of Nations Foundation was established on December 30th, 1998, in Los Angeles, California and became a 501-c-3 non-profit corporation in 2002. The World Federation was founded and currently operated by Artist, Author, entrepreneur, and Philanthropist, Dame Leith Eaton. The “Mission” of the World Federation is to promote world peace and global enlightenment through the use of Education and The Arts. This Mission is advanced by using these two mediums to promote understanding amongst all nations and cultures, their people, their government, business and industry leaders on how sustainable Profit in a global economy can lead to lasting worldwide Peace while allowing all people of the globe to live a much better quality lifestyle and provide a much safer environment in which to live, work and play.


As a Non-Profit Corporation, the basic operating policy of the Foundation is to fund Programs to promote the Mission of the World Federation. The Vision and coordination for the Programs is the responsibility of the World Federation, but operation of the Programs is procured from outside sources equipped with innovative, efficient and experienced leadership and operating procedures. The World Federation maintains a small and experienced staff to coordinate and oversee the administration of the Foundation and to insure the vision and administration of the Programs are being accomplished in accordance with donor, grant provider, endowment and corporate sponsorship criteria. The aforementioned funding sources are used to start programs with the intent that most of the programs become self sustaining after they are in operation.


The Mission
“To make positive change through Education and The Arts, it must start at the very top with re-education in economics and adjustments needed in business style, administrative functions and leadership based upon this new Era of Globalization of business and industry. The education must be precise in re-educating and providing new solutions for business and industry in this ever-changing world of globalization. Along with global economics, our education must as well re-educate and provide new solutions in working with various cultures, creeds, language barriers and business styles. It must involve first the government leaders, business leaders and highly influential people; then lead to re-education of those leaders in upper level and mid management.


By teaching the leaders and the influential, and by introducing new opportunity and networking the globe, together we can create new jobs and more stabilized local economics and an overall global economy. With a more stable global economy and with business and government becoming more and more dependent on each other through trade, global investments and financing, the World Federation’s Goals are to lead the world to a more fruitful, safer environment and healthier place for all to live, work and play. It will take generations to realize the major impact sought after around the globe, but must start with action today. The World Federation sets forth the solid platform that can be capitalized on and carried out for many generations to come.

The Founders

Ambassador Dame Leith Eaton

Her title, Ambassador Dame of Grace of The Knights of Malta, was bestowed as a result of her artistic and charitable endeavors and achievements as a “Modern Renaissance Woman” in several areas of The Arts. Born in Daytona Beach, Florida, Leith's theatrical experiences began in a theatre in Venice. Later her parents founded, the “Orange Park Community Theatre”, which still offers a full schedule of plays today in Orange Park, FL after over 40 years. She performed in leading roles in several plays and musicals, and began her career in film and television. During college, due to her talent in public speaking, she was asked to give speeches for the college, as well as being hired by William Morris Advertising Agency to do weekly television commercials.

For over a decade, Leith was on the Auxiliary Board of Eisenhower Medical Center in Rancho Mirage, CA. During her terms she was founder of The Arts in Healthcare Program and the Lucy Curci Cancer Center of Excellence Healing Garden at Eisenhower Medical Center. Leith was also a Board Member of the Atlantic Foundation of The Performing Arts in Ft. Lauderdale FL and sang solos and danced with the June Taylor dancers in “A Chorus Line” and “Gypsy” for a charity benefit there. While in Ft. Lauderdale, she was featured on the national TV show “PM Magazine” and later in New York, “The Romance Institute”.

Subsequently, in Palm Beach FL she became a jewelry and fashion designer in partnership with Liza Pulitzer, daughter of Lilly and Peter Pulitzer. Their line was an overnight success, resulting in former President of Tiffany & Co, Harry Platt requesting a partnership with them. They appreciated his offer but chose not to accept it, since they had just started the business. This turned out to be fortunate, since had they accepted, Leith might not have become an acclaimed painter. She had a role in the film “Foxfire”, along with stars Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronyn and John Denver.

Leith founded a new art medium named “Scintillism”. She painted such dignitaries as the then sitting President George H. W. Bush with Maryland Congressman Wayne T.Gilchrest, as well as presidential candidate Robert Dole of which later became the Official Painting for the 1996 Republican National Convention and her work is presently in the Smithsonian Institute. She also painted Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Elizabeth Taylor, Steve Martin and others. She has had solo exhibits in the Capitol, including in the Cannon House and Russell rotundas and the Ronald Reagan Library. During one such exhibit the Mayor of Washington, D. C. proclaimed "Leith Eaton Day". She has exhibited within and outside of the Continental United States. She has art collectors world wide that include Chozo Yoshii who brought Cezanne to Japan, Prime Minister Netanyahu and Robert Rifkind, who has a wing at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. She also produced television shows, national television commercials, music videos and documentaries, including "Peace for Profit" with Larry King, Virginia Slims Tennis Tournament TV commercial, and "Cheshire Hunt"; the oldest fox hunt in America. She has also done productions for The White House and Secret Service for President Bush during his engagements in Philadelphia PA.

Leith was commissioned to do a series of paintings for Citibank at their Caribbean Headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico, subsequently moving to Southern California. She founded the World Federation of Nations Foundation, a nonprofit that promotes World Peace and Global Enlightenment through Education and The Arts.

Leith also founded the International Arts Association, which promotes all areas of The Arts and The Artists. Through the International Arts Association she has had many events with sponsors like Rolls Royce, Harry Winston Jewelers, Christies Auction and many more. She is preparing to launch the International Arts Association worldwide. Among places in California, she has resided in Beverly Hills and Malibu, CA. She has a deep appreciation for Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas and believes that the Beverly Hills Academy of The Arts can be a World Class leader in The Arts and is dedicated to helping make this occur with the highest possible standards, integrity and true artistry.

For more information, visit her website www.leitheaton.com









Debra A. Hill, MD. The SCUBA Shrink.

Debra A. Hill, MD, often known as the “Scuba Shrink,” is a doctor who does two kindsof diving–into the mind and into the Sea. As a Psychiatrist, Psychoanalyst, and Scuba Instructor she has experienced all kinds of depths. Her love of getting beneath the surface of the mind has taken her into the depths of Documentary and Television Production where her knowledge of and love for inspiring stories of human spirit and discovery can be shared with a larger audience through film.

Along with her husband, a rocket scientist at Boeing, Dr. Hill has been cave diving in tight claustrophobic tunnels of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, explored WWII shipwrecks beneath Bikini Atoll (early test site of atomic bombs), Chuuk and Kwajalein, snorkeled with whale sharks off Belize, and kayaked through the mangroves of Kosrae in Micronesia to view the giant monitor lizards, searched for the rare pygmy pipe horse in Northern Indonesian Waters, and braved the currents off the coast of Papua New Guinea to capture rare underwater video footage of newly explored underwater reefs. She has also dived the ice cold waters of Antarctica to capture footage of the life of the Gentoo Penguin for the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.

Dr. Hill has worked with the LA County Sheriff Search and Recovery Dive Team to help Sheriffs tracks down criminals and do search-and-rescue/recovery missions. She is also on the Duke University’s Divers Alert Network (DAN) referral list as a Psychiatrist who helps individuals traumatized by diving accidents. She has also interned as Volunteer Chamber Crew for the Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber, and has served as a Dive Team Leader at the Aquarium of the Pacific for the past 16 years.

Dr. Hill, an award winning filmaker and owner of Oceanvideo Productions: DIVE IN TV has written, directed, produced, and hosted several underwater productions. Her recent documentary short, “From Bullets to Bubbles...”, about a group of Disabled Iraq/Afghanistan war Vets who rebuild their war torn lives by learning to scuba dive, premiered at the Newport Beach Film Festival this year and has won a CBI award, and People’s Choice Silver Telly award. Her underwater educational marine life DVD's are available on over 60 websites, and her iphone app, “OceansAlive,” is a must have for identifying marine life off the coast of Southern California and Catalina Island. She is known for her passion for the underwater world and her productions about how the underwater world can give new life to people who feel they are sinking into an abyssof hopelessness. She has several underwater show concepts in pre-production, and one that has been optioned by Kevin Dunn Productions and Big Red Barn Productions in Canada. The Documentary Series is focused on showing the amazing personaltransformation of the prisoners who participate in the Chino Prison Marine TechnologyTraining Diver Rehab Program, a rehab Program with the lowest recidivism rate in the entire country of 7 % compared to 50-70% for all other Prison Rehab programs.  And, presently she is Associate Producer for a project in development on Sealab.

Her dedication to the arts as expressed in her underwater productions is deep andprofound. And, her drive to deliver comprehensive, in-depth, and personalized psychotherapy and psychiatric care to her patients exemplifies her interest, not onlyin the brain, and mind, but in the person as a whole-- a whole person with their own unique and compelling life story worth knowing and understanding! Her philosophy is that the greatest gift and the greatest love one can ever give is “understanding.” Being able to share that kind of understanding through art and media of all kinds is profound, and stirring. She feels this makes one feel a part of something bigger, and motivates one to want to do good in the world. This resonates with her interested in the WFNF for which she feels honored to be a part of.

For more information, visit her website: http://www.divein.tv.www.divein.tv.